Professional Stain Removal

We love removing carpet stains here at Pace Specialist Cleaners. You might call it our speciality.

Everything from removing blood stains to coffee, makeup and paint. You would be surprised exactly what can come out.

Below is a blood stain removal after a client in Sunderland had cut their arm on a while glass and walked all around his home before going to bed. He genuinely thought he was going to have to replace every carpet he had walked over. However, after treatment and extraction by Pace Specialist Cleaners. You would have never known it had happened.

There’s much more common stain removals such as gum. We find endless amounts of gum not only in carpets but also in upholstery too. living room blood stainThese are mainly during domestic work, especially in pubs. They always come out and it amazing the different they make to the look of the room once gone.

We can also remove carpet stains such as paint, dog urine, coffee spills and so on.