Professional Mattress Cleaning

Pace Specialist Cleaners provide an affordable, professional mattress cleaning Service in Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. Our steam cleaning technique not only make the mattress more aesthetically appealing but we also kills off nasties such as mites and bugs.

Pace Specialist Cleaners Van

There’s no need to fork out £100’s for a new mattress. Have it cleaned for a fraction of the price. We can do everything from a general clean of age related marks to a full stain removal service. Including urine and blood whilst treating any bacteria and odour coming from the fabrics.

Whatever the accident we can add years of life back into the mattress.

Cleaning Method:

We use hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning to clean mattresses in Sunderland and surrounding areas. Mattress cleaning finished results

The first step in an inspection and identification of dirt and stain on the mattress.

The mattress is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove dead skin cells and dust mites. Whilst also ensuring further dirt isn’t rising to the surface once the deep clean begins.

We then treat any stains with spotting agents which are then agitated and left to dwell to give full effect. The entire surface is then treat with a pre spray and further agitated.

Next is the hot water extraction/steam cleaning. We use a commercial grade cleaning machine which supplies a flow of hot water to a hand tool known as a wand containing an antibacterial deodoriser. This tool sits against the top fabrics of the mattress, spraying water/steam on a trigger pull. At the same time a double vacuum contained within the machine is pulling the water back out of the fabrics along with all the dirt and prespray chemicals. Leave the mattress truly fresh and clean and sterile.

Lastly our speed drying fans are put onto the mattress surface to disperse remaining moisture from the surface and significantly increase drying times.

If you have a student let in Sunderland with new tenants moving in for the coming term or just want your own mattress at home cleaning we have you covered. We clean all sizes from cot to double, queen size and king.