Artificial Grass Cleaning

Artificial grass looking a little tired and dirty? We have you covered with a professional clean. Be it pets, soiling or just a build up of age related marks the cleaning process will remove dirt and eliminate bad odours.
Artificial grass
Our process for cleaning artificial grass:

  • Firstly we remove any debris/larger objects and brush down the entire surface.
  • Enzyme prespray, this will help break down organic soiling and pet oils/odours built up in the grass fibres.
  • Agitation, we then agitate the chemicals into the artificial grass ensuring even the deepest soiling is reached.
  • We then extract the dirt and chemicals with a hot water extraction machine. This spray a solution of hot water mixed with antibacterial deodoriser whilst also lifting all chemicals, dirt and water out of the grass leaving it clean, sterile and almost dry on completion.

There’s a lot of benefits to artificial grass however they to need a little bit of tlc from time to time. We’re here to take the hassle out of it with a professional artificial grass clean.

Pet problems

We all love our four legged friends but they can be a nuisance for artificial grass. Build up of salt crystals from urine, oils from your dogs coat and even residue from those number twos can all add to odour and hygiene issues. This process will help to break all of those residues down and and extract them from the artificial lawn. Leaving it clean and sterile.


Some artificial lawns will have been sanded by the fitter. This is done mainly to add some extra weight/hold it in place. We can still clean these but please do let us know if yours has been sanded as it will add to the time taken and require re-sanding on completion.