I’ve personally had some funny looks and questions when I mention training courses I’ve attended or that I’m a ‘qualified’ carpet cleaner.

It seems a lot of people think it’s as simple as those little plastic carpet cleaners that anyone can buy and use. Truth is, that couldn’t be further from what we do.

There’s many different types of carpets and fibres out there and many mixes of fibres to complicate this further. We learn which products can be used on which carpets and what should be avoided. After all we don’t want to dye your lovely cream carpet a sickly shade of brown or that stunning cream sofa a shade of baby pink. Along with products water temperature can even damage certain fibres and some can’t get wet at all.

It’s not a case of one product, all carpets. There’s literally 100’s of products we use and I personally have over 30 bottles of different products to not only deal with different carpet types but different stains and markings.

Who knew carpet cleaners would learn chemistry too? Having to get the carpet ph neutral before we leave? Our aim is to leave the carpet with no only no marks or dirt but also free of product and we do this by using products that neutralise each others PH and hot water.

If you see someone turning up with a  rug doctor, shut the door. These leave carpets full of product and are a nightmare to correct.