How To Deep Clean Your Mattress With Hot Water Extraction.

Mattresses are one of the most used pieces of furniture in our homes; we use them daily for long periods. However, they’re also one of the most neglected pieces of furniture when it comes to cleaning.
Throughout its use, our mattress absorbs a lot of sweat, dead skin cells and much more. This encourages bacteria within the mattress, which can cause a build-up of foul odours while also irritating allergies and common skin conditions, i.e. eczema and asthma.
But the problem most people have with cleaning their mattress is how they should do it and how to do it correctly. Because of the awkward shape of most mattresses, cleaning it, if you’re untrained, can be tricky. That’s why you should leave it to the professionals.

At Pace Specialist Cleaners, we use Hot Water Extraction to give your mattress the deep clean it deserves. Not only that, but our cleaning methods are eco-friendly while also adding years of life into your mattress.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Hot Water Extraction, also known as steam cleaning, allows for a deeper, more effective clean on carpets, fabric and mattresses. Using hot water, our professional cleaners can remove stains and any discolouration, for a fresher look and feel.
The combination of temperature and pressure helps the water break down stains quicker. This method also uses fewer chemicals for a clean and eco-friendly finish that is better for your home, family and four-legged friends.

How Does it Work?

Before steam cleaning your mattress, our professional cleaners will inspect it, identifying any stains and dirt on there. They will then begin to fully vacuum it, removing any dead skin cells and dust mites within the mattress. The final steps before the hot water extraction begins includes a quick treatment involving spotting agents, which are sprayed on any visible stains before being agitated. Once this is done the mattress is treated with a specialized spray.Mattress cleaning finished results
At Pace Specialist Cleaners, we use a commercial-grade cleaning machine. With this, hot water runs through the tubing and into the hand tool (also called a wand) which contains an antibacterial deodoriser. The wand then sits against the top of the mattress, dispatching water and steam with a simple pull of the trigger.
While this is happening, a double vacuum cleaner pulls the water back out of the mattress’s fabric, while also removing any dirt and pre-spray chemicals.

This sterilises your mattress while also leaving it looking cleaner and smelling fresher.
In the final stages of cleaning, our cleaners place specialised drying fans onto the mattress’s surface. This helps remove any moisture from the mattress for faster drying time!

Pace Specialist Cleaners can help you with your dirty mattress, no matter the size! Whether it’s a cot, double or a king-sized mattress, we have you covered!
So, if you’re interested in having your mattress cleaned and live in the Sunderland, North East area, we’re here to help! Our team of cleaners are fully qualified, professional and can help
refresh and sanitize your mattress.

If you would like to set up an appointment with our helpful and friendly customer service team, then simply pick up the phone and call us today.

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